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Alumnae Association

The mission of the Alumnae Association is to unite all graduates of Louisville High School and to provide the services, tools, and support Louisville alumnae need to keep in touch with one another, and with the school. With the help and support from campus Administration and the Alumnae Relations Office, the Alumnae Association strives to embody the qualities of character, strength, and faith that all Louisville girls learned and experienced as students. The Association works to keep these ideals – modeled and exemplified by the charism of the Sisters of St. Louis – alive in the hearts of Louisville graduates.

If you are an alumna who would like to be considered for service on the Alumnae Association Board, please email Teresa Knight McMenamin '89 for more information at

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Class Representatives

What does a Class Representative do?

  • Acts as a key liaison representing her class - emailing invitations to support school activities and initiatives.
  • Helps plan (or facilitate) individual class reunions and encourage attendance.
  • Provides class updates to Alumnae Relations office as needed.
  • Helps ensure that Louisville continues to provide the finest Catholic, college-preparatory education possible by encouraging classmates to participate in the Louisville Fund and Day of Giving. 

This is a fun opportunity to connect – and reconnect – with your classmates. If you are interested, please contact

If no one is listed for your grad year, please consider signing up!

Year Representatives Year Representatives
1964 Janis Hopkins Johnson 1990 Dana Affronti Mitchell, Jane Carroll Johnson
1965 Marie Damiano Miller 1991 Elizabeth Rosenthal King
1966 Leslie Gerson 1992 Catherine Rymsza Leon
1969 Peg Maddocks, Sandy Sankey Murphy 1994 Andrea Jacinto Evans, Amy Baker Dibelka
1971 Mary O'Connell Stone, Kathy Phillips Kerr 1997 Adrienne Brenner Colvin, Gisselle Mencia Labrenz
1972 Joney Cannavo Gasbarro 1999 Meghan Lewis DeFrank, Elizabeth Reising Burk, Elena de Mattos
1973 Elizabeth Wickman Thorner 2000 Sheila Zelghi
1974 Carey Hilbert 2001 Allison Bernardi Stauth, Christina Martin
1976 Maryann Costanzo Horak, Kimberly Togger Montgomery 2002 Angela Miller
1980 Gemma Fasani 2003 Kristen Thorner Dang
1981 Twyla Tanner Arant 2006 Eleni Barefoot, Vassi Iliadis
1982 Pam Bellew, Dina Miceli Briggs, Maureen McElroy, Tracy Garnett Ross 2010 Emily Greenwood, Jenna Parezo, Hanna Polizzi
1983 Leanna Moore DeKing 2013 Taylor Burke, Emma Enos, Sydni Martin, Caleigh Wells
1986 Laura Lee 2015 Lily Spirtos
1987 Deanna LaBarbera 2016 Emma Kilroy, Rebecca Swofford
1988 Elena Miller, Laura Ramsden Gideon 2017 Carolina Toledo
1989 Kristen Costales Mattie, Teresa Knight McMenamin    
Updated Information Needed!

We are looking to update the files for some of our alumnae!

Click the button below to check if you or a friend are on our list and send your current contact information to